Foods that Melt Love Handles

I used to have trouble with my love handles. Because of them I hated wearing dresses and I just had this belief that my love handles made me feel and look over weight.

I tried to quickly get rid of them but soon realized that they were quite stubborn, and they wouldn’t go away even with double exercise routines.

Eventually I realized that dieting was the key to burning the chunk of fat at my waistline.

 I discovered that instead of exercises, there were foods that helped in removing love handles.

Since I started eating these foods, the results have been incredible.

I no longer had to suck in my tummy or worry about picking the perfect dress because all my dresses now fit perfectly.

Now I’ll be sharing with you some of the foods that help melt my love handle.


This food works five times better and faster than going to the gym every day.

And this was how I found out.

2 weeks after I started eating it, I lost five inches of the love handles off my waist.

I found out that this food has antioxidants and carotenoids which help to regulate the sugar level in the body.

It also has lower insulin resistance that makes sure calories we digest from other foods are not converted into fats.

It is rich in vitamin A, C and B6.

You can always eat it as your breakfast.


This is also another food that helps to burn love handles.

Unlike other soups which are very rich in fatty ingredients that contribute to your love handles, this food does the opposite of what other soup does. You should check out

Most of the soups we eat have sugar but minestrone doesn’t because it is very rich in fiber and hardly can sugar be found in foods that has fiber.


Just like the Minestrone soup, the shredded wheat also has fiber and has a low amount of sugar in it.

It is best recommended to those who want to lose fat or love handles.

And it can be taken as a cereal for breakfast or lunch.

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