This drink is the combination of three fruits namely; Grape fruit, lemon and oranges.

Most times when we are at our leisure time, we crave for something cold to cool ourselves.

Instead of opting for processed drinks which had been diluted with a lot of sugary content, the spa water can be used as a substitute.

Believe me, I have tried it and it worked greatly for me.

This drink has antioxidants too and disposes fat from the body just like the other foods I mentioned above.

Even your home made smoothies are perfect antioxidant drinks that help to burn fat from the body.


They are also high in insoluble fiber, antioxidants and rich in vitamin A.

Research over the years had revealed that virtually all the obese humans in America eat Almond fruits.

The testimonies they have gotten so far has been wonderful and I am also a living testimony.


Walnut is one of the best foods that can also be on your diet menu because it reduces the amount of fat stored in or body.

This food also helps to boost your Insulin metabolism too.

Some people found out after lots of research that Walnuts actually helps to reduce stress in our body and it also fights against high blood pressure. Discover more at


Sometimes, making these foods your diet can be very frustrating.

Sometimes I craved for some of those foods that gave me the unwanted love handles but thinking about how unhappy I was having the love handles, I had to discipline myself.

But then I realized that making them my diet was the best decision I ever took.

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